The Small Print

edpromo is a division of US ECONOMIC RESEARCH

$499 website

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer is purchasing an annual economic development website service, which includes web design, hosting, maintenance, standardized content, individualized content, and help desk services.
  • Standardized content includes files and/or links to local and regional economic development partners; Census QuickFacts (local, state and national comparisons); Census data profiles (demographic, social, economic & housing); labor market info (labor force, employment, unemployment rates & jobs by industry); wages (by occupation); personal income profile; economic development incentives; available commercial property; homes for sale; weather and climate; visitor information; links, likes and feeds to/from Facebook and Twitter pages; online map; links to local internet service providers, real estate agents and brokers, and hotels and lodging; local phone listings/business pages; online local news sources; and links to relevant online information sources and travel website listings. Categories and specific content are subject to change without notice based on availability and overall product enhancement.  
  • edpromo retains ownership to copyrights and other intellectual property to include website layout and design, domain names, images, content, and similar property (except for material and content provided by customer for inclusion on the website, which remains the property of customer; customer warrants that any and all such material is customer’s own property free and clear of the claims of any third party and grants edpromo unrestricted license for use).
  • edpromo has sole discretion over web layout and design subject to customer’s selection of website background photo and individualized multimedia content. edpromo uses a standardized design to control costs and maintain affordability.
  • Customer may select up to 10 individualized multimedia content items for inclusion on the site (in addition to standardized content described above). These may include web links, publications, pamphlets, brochures, images, slide shows, sponsor logos, YouTube videos, blog/RSS feeds, contact forms, etc. Additional individualized items beyond ten (10) are available for a fee of $39 each added to the annual subscription price.   
  • Customer agrees to provide a minimum of five (5) and maximum of fifteen (15) digital images of the local area for inclusion on the website. Images can be in any standardized file format (jpg, gif, png, etc.) and should be at least 100kb (larger file sizes make better content, up to about 2MB). Most modern smart phones have the capability of taking suitable photos for the site.
  • Customer input of photos and other content must be made within the first 45 days of the contract period. After 45 days, updates, additions, and changes are subject to a fee of $39 each, except for changes required to restore functionality or ensure accuracy (e.g., fixing broken web links, correcting errors, applying changes to organizational names and logos, etc.), which are included in the annual contract price of $499. The annual contract price does not include updates to individualized content. Any updates or changes within 45 days of the contract start date are made at no charge; after 45 days, updates can be made for a fee of $39 each. Upon renewal, customer has the first 45 days of the new service period to provide additional, replacement, and/or updated individualized multimedia or change the background photo or other content at no additional charge.
  • The website is not actively monitored or checked by edpromo for functionality, accuracy, etc., other than an annual comprehensive review at renewal time. edpromo will promptly respond to site problems identified by customer or other users and serve as the help desk in resolving such issues at no additional charge.
  • Customer may cancel at any time. Full refund if cancelled within the first 45 days of the contract period.